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Driving Directions to Sun Canyon Lodge

If coming from the west coast travel past Missoula, MT.

  • Turn off at Bonner, Highway 200.
  • You will pass Lincoln and continue on until you reach Bowman’s Corner.
  • Turn off on Highway 287—headed towards Augusta.

If coming from the east, travel to Great Falls, MT.

  • Go North on I-15, turn off on the Vaughn exit (290).
  • Continue on through Fort Shaw and Simms (Highway 200).
  • After Simms, turn off on Highway 21—headed towards Augusta.

Upon arrival at Augusta, DO NOT USE A PALM PILOT OR ANY NAVIGATION SYSTEM! It will send you off in a round about direction.

  • At the only set of four-way stop signs in town, go straight or turn toward Gibson Reservoir/Willow Creek at the stop sign (on main street).
  • Pass by the Forest Service building, a cemetery and a dump site.
  • You should encounter a gravel road and will be heading west. This is the correct gravel road. DO NOT TAKE THE BENCHMARK ROAD!
  • After traveling five miles down the gravel road, you will come upon a bunch of signs...one of which is ours. Turn right.
  • Travel another 18 miles on gravel (it will seem like 50 miles; keep coming).
  • You will reach a paved road upon entering the Lewis and Clark National Forest. Continue until seeing another Sun Canyon Lodge sign. Turn left and dead end at our Lodge.

Plan on a 30 minute drive from Augusta to our Lodge. We are 21 miles from town.

Please feel free to call if you have any questions (do this prior to leaving Augusta; as our cell service is limited after leaving town). 406-562-3654

Safe travels and we will see you soon.

Download printable driving directions HERE

Niki Carlbom
Sun Canyon Lodge & Outfitting